To those considering working with United Contractors:

The Riverdale City Police Department renovation contract was awarded to United Contractors after a lengthy bid process.  Representatives from United met with Department administration to review the project.  We had specific concerns dealing with project security, work quality and timely completion.  We were provided with a plan to address not only security concerns but a time line for completion.  During this pre-construction phase we talked about the purpose and vision of the renovation.  United Contractors provided numerous resources to assist us in the design and planning phase.  We were also impressed by the sub-contractors that worked on site, specifically their attitude and the professional workmanship. I would recommend United Contractors as a quality company for the following reasons:  The completion of the project was on time and exceeded our expectations, Assistance in planning and finishing the project,  Attention to detail, and Quality employees that genuinely cared about the project.


In the event we have another project I would not hesitate to use United Contractors.


Lt. James Ebert
Riverdale Police Department
Riverdale, Utah