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Excellence in Commercial and Residential Construction

United Contractors Can Help You Design a Custom Commercial Building

Do you need a general contractor to design and build a custom commercial building in Salt Lake City, Utah? 

Let the general contractors at United Contractors help you through the process of designing and building or renovating and maintaining your custom commercial building in Salt Lake City, Utah.  A custom commercial building is your businesses home, why not make it the best it can be by hiring the general contractors at United Contractors to complete your project.

Don't you need that distinctive touch to your custom commercial building so it won't just blend into the skyline? 

Our general contractors can provide the look that you've always wanted to set your business apart and give it that unique touch that will provide the focal point in the Salt Lake City, Utah community to drive more customers to your business. The general contractor team at United Contractors for custom commercial buildings includes skilled designers and graphic artists.  These individuals will thoroughly mock up the design and layout of your new custom commercial building or renovation. These drawings will provide you the foreknowledge and awareness of your custom commercial buildings look and feel ensuring that the structure represents your business in the right way and also fits in with the Salt Lake City community.

United Contractors offers interior design and woodworking.

The general contracting services don't just end with constructing your custom commercial building.  Our general contractors can also provide interior design services and fine woodworking touches to deliver a result that will serve to impress your clientele in such a way that they will enjoy your custom commercial building as much as you do! When you own your business and because you spend so much time there for your work your custom commercial building can and should have the warm inviting feeling of home.

Have you thought that you might like to renovate and customize your current commercial building but don't know a reliable general contractor? United Contractors is a family owned general contractor operation which has been working in the Salt Lake City area for many years.  Our builders are able to provide all aspects of building renovation and restoration to suit your custom commercial building.  These services range from landscaping to interior remodels and rejuvenating your exterior branding of your custom commercial building to modernize your business's presence in the Salt Lake City, Utah community.